Acrylic art lessons online. The basics of working with the acrylic paints. The creative sets.

Today I would like to present the art lesson for beginners and tell you about the new interesting product for the beginning artists: these are the wonderful creative sets designed and suitable for learning the ropes of acrylic painting.

If you have never worked with acrylic paints and
if you haven`t held the brushes in your hands and
haven`t used the paints for many years,
this creative set will be the real catch for you.
Welcome to the online painting school ! And I am its author Elena Khirilchuk.

The project goal is to create the video tutorial course concerning the oil painting using the traditional art materials and art painting techniques as well as the various unconventional approaches, methods and materials.
Thank you for joining our oil painting course! And welcome to our online painting school!


Елена Кирильчук

Здравствуйте! На нашем канале представлено множество уроков и мастер-классов рисования, акриловой и масляной живописи. Эти видео помогут вам легко создавать собственные картины, изучать разные техники и приемы повышая свое мастерство. Для большинства уроков созданы короткие 1-2 минутные ролики, чтобы вы могли быстро оценить и выбрать то, что вам интересно рисовать вместе с нами.

Обсуждение закрыто.